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Diabetes reversal, myth or reality?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I am Eddie, one of the Founders of 456 Integrative Health Club.

I have had Type 2 diabetes for over 7 years and have tried to manage my health through diet, exercise and medication. I monitor my blood glucose level daily and has remained at 5.6 mmol/L. I have been taking two tabs metformin 500mg to help control my blood sugar. Recently, I sought treatment at Shiny Sky Integrated Medicine Center. Dr Yeung explained thoroughly how integrative therapies can help me. I underwent a few courses of chelation therapy to rid my body off toxins. I was treated with Major AutoHemotherapy together with intake of mineral supplements. My blood sugar level is now well controlled and I am down to taking only one tab metformin 500mg. I anticipate that when I complete all the prescribed therapies by next month, I will not have to take medication anymore and just need to monitor my diet well and have all the energy I need to do what I want.

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