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IV Nutrient Therapy

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Type of nutrients using IV drip:

  • Meyer’s Cocktail (developed in 1970’s by Dr John Meyer at Johns Hopkins University) - for a number of conditions such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, muscle spasm, asthma, hives, congestive heart failure, chest pain, infections, and senile dementia.

  • Vitamin C – for nutritional support for cancer and chemotherapy patients.

  • B vitamins – to help with attention, focus and energy.

  • Vitamin B12 – for optimizing energy pathways, iron absorption and extremely important for vegetarians and vegans.

  • Magnesium – is a vital mineral in many physiological functions in the body. It is particularly useful for cardiac, diabetic and hypertensive patients.

  • Zinc and selenium – to help support the thyroid, immune system, and insulin deficiency.

  • Amino acids – vital for cell structure and normal function (important for brain health).

  • Glutathione – for anti-aging, anti-cancer, improves liver and brain functions.

  • R Lipoic Acid – for recycling Vitamin C, and helping those suffering from diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity and lowering blood sugar levels.

FAQ for IV Nutrient Therapy
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