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Integrative Medicine is about Finding and Treating the Root Cause of the Disease(s) and Helping the Body to Heal and Regenerate on Own. 

We attempt to put what we know about integrative medicine on 

to make it readily available in one place for sharing and knowledge transfer.

Hospital Corridor

456 Integrative Health Club was established in June 2019 by a group of 40,50,60 years old experienced health care industry executives (a.k.a. Baby Boomers).


Since life expectancy at birth in Hong Kong is the highest in the world : 87.6 for female and 82.2 for male; these baby boomers could possibly have another 20-30 years of living and they want to feel energetic, young and independent. Conventional medicine is about treating symptoms with drugs and/or surgery and oftentimes, taking life-long drugs. Getting to the root cause of the disease is not a common practice here, especially when modern medical curriculum established in early 20th century has not changed.  There is not yet an established curriculum in medical school for healthy aging.  Homeopathy, naturopathy, Ayurveda have gained traction in recent years and have played a role in keeping a person healthy. 

Image by Kelsey Knight

A Burgeoning of Integrative Medicine Practices All Over the World

We researched and reviewed world literature, talked to different professionals across continents, and found a burgeoning of integrative medicine practices all over the world.  Substantial clinical studies, conferences, and workshops have been organized in the US and Europe to support the clinical outcomes seen in patients who have benefitted from this type of treatment. Integrative medicine is about finding and treating the root cause of the disease(s) and helping the body to heal and regenerate on own.

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